Wine Storage in Bedford Hills, NY

At Katonah Self Storage, we understand the importance of storing your wine in a safe and secure environment.  Our wine storage facility offers individual lockers in a variety of sizes that are both temperature and humidity controlled. We keep our wine storage area at 55 degrees F year-round and make sure it is secure in our state-of-the art surveillance system with keypad access. Other key features of our wine storage:

  • Designed Area: Separate and secure area with individual personal code access security
  • Security System: Digital surveillance system with 24-hour backup ensuring constant monitoring and information retrieval
  • Climate Control: Designed to maintain optimum storage temperature in the range of 55°F with customize vapor and insulation barriers
  • Cooling System: Completely independent dual unit cooling system with constant temperature monitoring
  • Power Backup: On-site, gas-fired, back-up generator ensuring 24-hour power supply for cooling, safety and security systems
  • Individual Lockers: Private, individual, ventilated storage lockers with the capacity to store from 12 to 84 cases, each with personalized key access
Unit Size   Maximum Cases
2 x 2  

12 cases

2 x 3   18 cases
2 x 4   24 cases
2 x 6   36 cases
3 x 4   36 cases
3 x 6   54 cases
3 x 7   63 cases
4 x 4   48 cases
4 x 6   72 cases
4 x 7   84 cases

Whether you are an individual wine collector or a restaurant looking to store your wine inventory, Katonah Self Storage can surpass your needs.  Please contact our Self Storage Manager for information on availability.